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For those that don't remember GIA means Global Investigation of Abnormalities. In world it's pronounced Gaia.

Can Mote be more annoying? I'm sure he'll try!

Discussion topic:
As mentioned on last update these two are Mulder and Scully homages from X-Files. While their stories and personalities are mostly different their looks and job titles are almost the same.
What do you guys think about homages and inspired characters? Especially in a serious work. In comedy it's all but demanded.
Hopefully my 2 characters here will grow on their own with the audience and get out of their inspirations shadows!

Last note: Next update may be late. Been working overtime again and going to be doing one last week of vacation stuff with family. As usual I hope I can get the next page done in time. Just letting everyone know.

That sketch photo above his badge :D

Yep! Inspired characters are alright!
I think it is pretty common in comics especially and more so in serious work.
Politicians, celebrities etc.
Frank is an artist just like us!
I want an egg mcmuffin. :D
That'll be $3.99!
Frank is a jerk. XD
Jas is correct!
I like them so far and yes I believe Mote will get more annoying
Why do I have the feeling you'll be correct?!
And now you are detained for questioning. Good job. XD
Mote seems like the type that could enjoy that XD
Okay, now he's just being an ass.

If the military looking guy had any intention of cooperating or at least be of help, it definitely vanished with Frank's entry here.
Being an ass is what Frank is good at. And you're absolutely right. Frank is always so antagonistic towards people. Military guy may be forced to do the opposite of help if this keeps up.
Oh boy all that snark is going to get him wedgied at some point or other. But it's so much fun to read. XD
Even said wedgie would have defiant snark. Frank's just not a people person at all! And we get to benefit from it!
Every story needs at least one jerk character, and Mote is just that.
Yes and Yes! And welcome back to Devon Legacy's comment section!