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Issue 00 - Epilogue
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Welcome to the Devon Legacy Proper. After way too much happened in my real life combined with a massive writer's block I'm finally trying to do this for reals. I'll be updating daily the rest of this week.

As mentioned, a writer's block was a huge part of me not moving forward. I learned so much about story telling and what I like to see in stories while making Prologue that I outgrew the original story Proper's idea. I upgraded it but then it made some things conflict with a few established foreshadowings I'd made in Prologue.

So now here we are with Epilogue. I don't want to give a lot away for it yet. Just know that it isn't it's own series and is only 1 issue :P

So, no. We're not about to go through another Prologue. Sorry there isn't much to show for the cover. I hope you enjoy. And if you already finished reading the Prologue then there will be some nice treats in here for you!

If you have not read Prologue yet or want to refresh your memory you can start here

If you want a speed run you can read the abridged version.

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