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Well this has been a crazy week! From a very successful convention to my poor baby getting a fever and going into a seizure and having to go to the ER.
I should slowly start getting a bit more active if I typically comment on your comic and vanished it's just been a crazy couple weeks!

As for today's update! I guess Fenny just isn't their type anymore???

No fatty. YOU did wrong! XD
Hey! It's okay to dish out the insults but they're not here to take them!!! :p
Don't worry. Real life always comes first! I hope your baby's okay! <3
Thank you! Yes he's much better now! Climbing and trying to get into everything as usual!
They got away lucky
You know... If someone is capable of drawing you and your comrades along like this without any kind of effort... That is not really a person you want to pick a fight with!

Seriously, how stupid can you get? ;)
Not to mention the whole NOT HAVING AN AIR FILTER!
It took them WAY too long to figure this one out. They must huff the poison gas!

Also I just now noticed that big guy's movements in last panel kinda look as if he's trying to run while suffering of a severe case of brown pants. ;)

(Don't know if the euphemism actually works here, considering his pants are brown to begin with.)
HAHA! It totally works!
I was imagining a really cartooney stiff way for him to run. Kind of like a penguin in a way :)
I know if something like that happened to me I'd have the brown pants! Then again I'd get that if I just tried to mug someone. I'd be a HORRIBLE mugger...
Not the worst thing to be bad at. ;)