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Issue 00 - Page 06
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This page took me WAY too long!
Looks like Enforcer Hess has some tricks up her nonsleeve as well mr morph monster thing!
Cameos continue
Yuki from Used Books
ranger_brian_new's current avatar
The Necromancer from Ennaran
Mayy from Zelfia
The robot is an original character that made for this
Sir Dimswitch from Riddick Q Loss Tales

Love this page - nicely done :D
Thank you! Nice to know the hard work paid off!
Awwww, snapadoodles...
That's a good way to sum it up!
What a page! The story is getting intense!! Simply awesome!!
Glad you're enjoying it! Things will continue to get more and more hectic too!!!
Very... Digimon-esque XP
Another person on DD said it looked like a big PokeMon. Now I HATE my monster design!!! :P
Just do what I do: completely change the design without any explanation and hope people don't notice.
Hah! I got more monsters planned out anyway. This one can just be the digi-poki-one =D
I like the way you color :) very vibrant!
Thank you very much!