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Issue 00 - Page 18
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On this page we have SEVERAL reveals!

The page popping reveal is Image! It's times like this I really wish my artistic skills were a lot better. That thing was really tough to draw! So, yeah. Image is a giant flying pirate ship! :D

The other reveal is answering WHY Randy is disappearing!!! And what's going on in general with the weird nothingness and with him seeing himself getting stabbed again a couple pages back!

There's a little more info you need to know before this issue can fully wrap it up! But it looks like we might be going to see Doc Brown!!!

Don't forget, if you have twitter there will be a contest that will include a cash prize!

And last but not least, I'm finally done working overtime to pay for Fenny to be in a game! I'll be off for FOUR days! WOOT! I can finally catch up on my comic reading/commenting!!!

credits to Ed Bangalan for helping me design this ship

Oh and yes, the grammar mistake in panel one is on purpose

See - if you're going to have a time travelling starship, why settle for a car or a police box?

Make it a real ship!
Why would someone want anything less?!
nice ship! I think you did a great job with this page :D
Thanks! It's just when you hit google search and see how well everyone else seems to draw flying pirate ships, it's easy to feel a bit outclassed :P
Ooh, shiny...
we like shiny things!
You still collab with Ed Bang? Cool!

Who knew that 4 Terminatrixes would be conspiring in a plot that bought time for someone else to go back in time and murder someone else's father to prevent them being born.

Is his name really John Connor? XD

The pirate ship named after a comic company is really cool, too!

You know I have to rib you for old time's sake, right? ;)
Yep, him and MLai.
Keep in mind that it's his SISTER that went back in time. So she's trying to prevent either of them from being born o_O

If he's John Connor then I wonder who Sarah Connor is!

And Image is a pretty cool comic company, so why not name a pirate ship after it?! XD

Rib all day long! I got plenty of spares! :)
"If he's John Connor then I wonder who Sarah Connor is!"

....Fenny? o_0

LOL! Until she shows up, wild speculation regarding Fenny will abound! (Reminds me of the "I love you, Fennyyyy! Come back alive!" radio broadcast by Mr. Greyman in Off Hours)

And yeah, suicide by time travel patricide would be pretty messed up (for the sister to do).
I miss Greyman so much! He was such an observant reader! I wonder what he would have thought of this issue!!!

And yes! Speculation! That was the entire purpose for this issue was for! =D
That is just retarded! Who in their right mind would kill their grandfather and thus murder themselves?
Obviously someone who doesn't have a lot of self worth. I can't wait to introduce Misty and explain all this. But that's a bit further in the story. For now the important thing to note is that Misty's went back in time to kill her father and prevent both herself and her brother from being born! Whew... when you say it that's kinda strange heh

1 more curve ball to this still coming up on the next page!