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Issue 01 - #iamachosen purple side
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Welcome back! You may notice this still says Issue 1 #iamachosen
This is the other half of issue 1! You do not HAVE to read Prologue. This story should still make sense well enough without it. BUT if you want to increase your understanding of some of the smaller stories running along then be sure to binge read The Devon Legacy Prologue! Or Take a quick look through The Devon Legacy Abridged

So for readers of Prologue: this is probably the story you've been wanting to see the most! What happens to Fenny and Sally AFTER the alien invasion was stopped?!!!

Yay! Purple!
Each chosen has a corresponding color. So that's the idea behind the colored theme sides of the issue too =D
Sweet! I love the effects of the words spiraling around. :D
The title will be a lot more important in this issue! Instead of just a passing thing that made Rick happy and chatty on the other side!