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Issue 00 - Page 19
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And here is the big kicker for the time travel part of the story that makes things much more interesting! Those of you familiar with the show Quantum Leap will get this idea right away! Except Randy will be stuck in 1 body.

So at this point I might as well spill the beans over this issue. The reason it was named Epilogue and the number being 00 was all because this scene needed to be seen so you the audience could understand many aspects of the story. The vague nature of this issue is for foreshadowing, must stop bad future, and speculation. This issue will actually be a LOT more fun to come back and read as the story progresses!

There are SEVERAL questions left unanswered from this issue. But the first one we'll focus on will be WHO IS XAVYN?!

Because Randy will be leaping back into Xavyn's body in the year 2132 which is the year Prologue took place in and where issue 1 will start!

This issue was an experiment and very high risk as it does NOT follow most story telling formulas and is surely not how a 1st issue generally begins. But rest assured it will add several layers to the main story. This is why I almost wanted to just release the whole thing completed instead. It's meant to be read through real fast so you can see that Randy leaps back in time.

There is still 1 last page this issue. But at this point all the cats are out of the bag!

Next issue we get to meet all these characters that have been popping up all over the website! Some of them you'll know from Prologue!

This give you a better hint of when we should see Fenny again now? =D
Hmm - well I am a bit confused - BUT I love the artwork! as always you have a great sense of camera work and color.

and he looks REALLY confused..
Are you confused about what is happening? Or why it's happening? If it's why then I won't worry too much as that's not explained well here but will be explained better later on.
If it is what is happening on the page I'd really thought I did a good job with the clarity.

Basically Randy has to leap inside Xavyn's body in the past to stop his sister from killing their father before they are even born.

And yeah, he's pretty confused about it as one second he's worried about his daughter and he's getting stabbed. Then all sorts of weird time stuff happened. Xavyn appears, and he's supposed to possess Xavyn's body in the past! Talk about a CRAZY DAY!

So really this wasn't issue 1. This was a prelude to a metastory that'll be going on. I'm really sorry if it confused you. Time travel can be tricky.
yeah i was kinda getting that vibe. and yes time travel can be mind bending.. and not in a good way. :D

the page is pretty good as far as clarity but the last couple of pages just went sideways for story. >_< im hoping it makes sense :D
Yeah. I knew this would be a very risky way to start the series. Everything about it was built for this to happen. This was actually the 1st part I knew would occur this issue. I just needed a decent way to make a story out of it. So I showed a small bit of the stuff leading right up to it.

The actual story will take place 25 years before this issue. Right after Prologue happened. To spoil things just a bit a lot of the details of this will be told in flashbacks that Randy has. Which will actually be flash forwards since he'll be in the past. So it'll be a good way to foreshadow a lot of things by showing the audience more of what happened in the future and to see if anything will change or what will stay the same.

If you ever watched Charmed the idea is similar to how their children keep coming back from the future and getting involved in the stories. The format also draws inspiration from How I Met Your Mother.

So yeah, Quantum Leap + Charmed + How I Met Your Mother =p
Randy and Allison from SCG would have a great time swapping "how my life fell apart in mere minutes" stories. They'd probably get along great! ;)
They could start some sort of counseling group or something! Seems this is a pretty common thing to happen to comic book characters!
Time travel is always fun. Nothing bad ever happens because of it. :3
I know, right? I mean, what's the worst that could happen?!