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Issue 01Red -  Page 22
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Super speed with a knife... I could just imagine the accident that could come from that!!!

I really REALLY had a lot of trouble with this kitchen! And making sure Rick looked decent in all parts so the imagery would work as he zips around.

At least it's nice to see Rick isn't afraid to use his powers in more mundane environments!
Looks like he's trying to make things up with sis! After that vision she had she'll probably need it!

Now that's what I call a useful man. :P
Iirc you helped write some of the dialogue for this page too! So thanks again!
I guess he is getting used to his speed
Yep it's been quite a few years since the soccer game!
Last few pages have looked amazing, man. Great job. :)
Thanks a lot!
I want that power!
I could see the positive uses myself! Why's he got to be all emo about it?!!!