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Issue 00 - Page 17
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And now I dun went and broke it. The important thing to take from this page is that Randy's daughter is safe. But where did everything go? Why is Randy fading away? Why is Ceci stuck frozen in the air? And who is this person that seems to know what's going on?

*Hint, she's the person that's about to explain this whole mess! Three more pages till issue 00 is over with! Then we'll finally move onto issue 1!

Anyone got any theories yet? I'd love to hear them! :)

You may notice the twitter feed on the side of the website! If you have twitter you might want to keep an eye out for an upcoming twitter contest I'll be having next issue. It'll have a CASH PRIZE!!!

Frozen Cameo is
Ceci from Data Chasers

really awesome page -- i dont know the first thing about twitter and such. annd im betting this is all a illusion or hallucination :D
I'm trying to learn this twitter thing myself!

And illusions or hallucinations eh? Good guesses for sure! It won't be long till you find out!
Fenny would look so cool with that woman's hairstyle! I wondered for half-a-second whether or not it was some version of Fenny, until it was clear that she didn't just have one fabulous tan.

But I must wait, as explanations are forthcoming. And maybe the bloodloss is going to his head? XD
Yes, Fenny would look pretty cool with her hair like that!

And nope, she's definitely not a version of Fenny!

The bloodloss could be a possibility too, but probably not all of it! =D
Look at those muscles.
I think she may have worked out!