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The top panel took me FOREVER!
I almost didn't think I'd finish the page in time. So much was put into that top panel I hope it looks good!
Prologue readers should remember these two! Devon Legacy's own Mulder and Scully. BTW, YES I'm super excited for the new X-Files!

Mote and Tresha finally return to the comics. You may remember they said they'd be headed to ground zero. For those that didn't read Prologue ground zero is where the final confrontation between the good aliens (Cyro Grands) and the bad aliens (Predator Grands) took place.
There was a huge explosion here. It was also right in front of the alien base. Which was lifted out of the ground by the Predators. The crater is partly from the explosion. And the water in the BG from the ocean is where the base was. It flooded in.

"Who ivited these losers?" :D
Mote always has a way with words.
From what we've seen here, probably someone who's carrying around the odd star or two.
If we see cigarette smoking men I'm calling it quits!
Mulder and Scully are back! Woot! XD
I figured prologue readers may be wondering if I'd forgotten these two!
Hey there! I just binged your archive and I really like Devon Legacy so far! Your characters designs are top notch and the story is pretty darn epic. Very impressive pacing too!

I'll be watching from now one! KUTGW!
Welcome aboard! I love new readers/commenters! Did you binge just The Devon Legacy or the entire Prologue as well? Prologue is almost 300 pages by itself if you're itching for more!
Don't worry there just going to rubber neck the whole time
You can't really blame them!
It took a long time, but was worth it. Great detail!
Thanks! I can't say backgrounds are my strongest areas so scenes that rely on that alone are always super challenging!