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Another character not seen since Prologue issue 1! Not that you won't find out later if you haven't read Prologue. But Fenny and Sally worked at Eden along side Kevin.
Kevin lead 2 other well trained characters named Project Warrioress and Upgrade One into Eden where they took information and set explosives.
Fenny tried to catch Kevin before he could escape and he jumped up kicking her hard in the face sending her for a loop.
She only made it out because the Cyro Grands beamed her out right before the bombs went off.

Also you may recognize this message Fenny's sending from Rick's half of issue #1. The halves are starting to intertwine a bit now!

And here's an unusual editorial insight into this page. My script called for Fenny to reach over the Chosen Tracker the Cyros gave her at the end of Prologue then hesitate. Then grab the phone.
Originally I had a scene/page where she was talking about the tracker but I had to cut it for page count purposes. Don't worry it'll still be brought up.
So I had 2 small issues with this page.
1 being that I didn't like the layouts I made adding the extra frame for her to hesitate. And I sure couldn't add a whole flashback to the page to explain the device she's reaching over.

2 is that since I couldn't establish WHAT the device by her phone is earlier or on this page the hesitation wouldn't translate well and the audience wouldn't know WHY she hesitated.

I considered adding a piece of dialogue where she says something that'd indicate she's changing her mind about calling the police when she grabs her phone. But was told it wasn't necessary by the 1 person I showed the page to :P
They said it's obvious she changes her mind and is going to take this into her own hands.

So I hope it's obvious to the rest of you. And hey! Now you know what the thing she's reaching over is a bit early!

And one final note! This is the 1st time Fenny has actually worn her orange jacket in comic! She's been displayed in covers and stand alone art with it for so long its probably hard to believe that!
Her original default wardrobe was supposed to be what she wore in issue 1 and 2 of Prologue. But a combination of my own redesigns after the fact (that brown vest just didn't look stylish at all for her) and some modifications to said jacket from fan art we have the current Fenny default uniform!

I laughed at the tweet :D
Even serious business like superpowers are prone to social networking and hashtags. Tsk, tsk.
She is 17 after all! XD
Fenny's purple smartphone reminds me of Doug's purple blackberry in Due East ( for some reason.

I like how things are building. I had to go back and read the previous page and then this one to get a better picture what's going on. Your explanation helped a lot, too. I also like how you're starting to tie things together more.
Well this side of issue 1 and the other side with Rick are supposed to be released completed at the same time. And you can read either side 1st to see how they connect.
But of course I don't have that luxury updating like this lol.

But I promise. It'll all tie together better as the issue continues!
Such glossy crisp work! Love the hashtag too. XD
Thanks! #youresokind
Well she has something to do now beside tossing and turning in bed
I think it's just the excuse she was looking for!
Off to pound some heads in?

I don't know if a confrontation is what she wants to do in her tired (and thus probably not best condition, mentally) state.
Maybe that's not what she wants to do. You can never really tell with Fenny. Whatever she's decided to do she's pretty determined. We can only hope her super human self can cope much better without sleep than most!
At least she remembered to put pants, shirt and a jacket on.

Though she definitely would have made an impression strutting around in her sleeping clothes! ;)
I've heard it's the most practical way to fight bad guys if you're female and have super powers!
Depending on your opponent, it wouldn't exactly be "fighting" and more something like "punching them out, while they're busy drooling".
And depending on the other spectrum they may simply be laughing too much! XD
This problem can be solved through the power of social media!
The world can be saved!


wait, what?
Hah! Some people seem to think so!!!
Social Media: A teenage super hero's best friend!!!
Just ask Arana/Spider Girl?
Never read any of her comics. She use Social Media to stop the baddies?
Nn.. I think yes actually. Well not really use it to fight crime in general. But I think she at least once got help by a follower/subscriber who had spotted who she was looking for.

I really like that character. Too bad some of her latter appearances tend to be spread around a bit.