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If you read Prologue issue 1 then you may remember some of this stuff! It was SOOOooooo long ago now!
But yep, that stuff is actually going to go somewhere as this volume progresses.
You have to give credit to protestors that are resolved enough to start so soon after the alien incident.
I'm sure their helping any investigations and the city wide rebuilding that can now start. Maybe they could help dig out some bodies from around the city instead.
Oh well, you have all types when it comes to people I suppose.

Yeah, I wondered what happened.

Long ago for some, like a month for others <_<
One advantage of subbing later as it is still fresh to me :D
Ah so you read the whole Prologue?! Then yeah! There was actually a point to it all. It just sort of got side tracked when an evil alien army descended upon NYC!
Yep, I did.
I am that stubborn guy who refuses to get into something when he knows there is a prologue or a prequel no matter how much the author says that it is not really necessary.
So shush and be happy!
It may not be necessary but I think it will help make the story much more full filling! Everybody else will get introduced in recaps while you saw the events unfold!
My how the art in each issue 1 has changed!
Love this page. Haha. X) Too cute.
HAHA! Thank you!
I'm seriously impressed her boobs stayed in that little bra. XD Those are some very well disciplined boobs.
She truly is one with her boobage! She keeps those puppies in check!
Oooh love the first panel .. actually its all fantastic! YAY!
That's what I like to hear!
She has some awesome abs
The sad thing is that her powers make it where she doesn't even have to try to keep them!
Hm, fan service and news update all in one! ;D
We like to multitask 'round here!
Sheesh, I'd nearly forgotten about that.
Kinda seemed tiny in the grand scheme of things didn't it?

I made a funny joke! \o/
It's your comic. You know where the pun jar is.

But not exactly tiny, no. Well, yes in a "also: We're fighting against our total extinction" kind of way. But still with huge, maybe even global influence.
Oh yes. It's still pretty big. They're the last nation that hasn't signed and disarmed from the dreaded War of Power that was spoken of in Prologue.
But more on that later! We have SOOOooooo much stuff to set up now! *head spins