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I probably haven't commented on some of you guys's comics. I worked 6 days straight and had 1 day off which I spent with wife and kiddos. Then worked another 3 twelve hour shifts. Any time I had free I prioritized making this page. So I'll be spending a large part of today trying to play catch up on reading/commenting.

@ Page: Daddy always has the most angry faces! You may remember his reaction in Prologue to Sally's failed date where he snapped a pencil.

Don't worry though. He's not abusive! There's a major thing I WANT to point out on this page but I want to see if anyone comments about it instead.

We are really about to gear up for PLOT now! \o/

Every time a dad character leaves like this, I get a baaaad feeling :<
Stay strong. We'll get through this together.
Something bad's gonna happen.
Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts!
Wow, the coloring is looking really great these days. I love it.

>_> Something bad is gonna happen...isn't it? :O
Thank you!
And nothing bad EVER happens in this comic verse! >:-)
I don't think Sally is going be able to be here when he gets back
She may have another dat--- hahaha I can't even finish that statement with a straight face!
He's really got a point there though.

His family is together and safe. Others are not. And it's part of his job to mend that, at least somewhat.
After the War of Power this kind of job became more common while rebuilding the world post war.
So yes, it's very useful now as well! And hey, his job at least asked him if his daughter had returned. So they were aware of what was happening and possibly care!
We won't know if they'd made him go anyway but at least they showed some concern.
Sounds like they could really use that car-lifting right about now, heheh.
No kidding! Call Fenny!!!
I see I missed a shower scene in my absence.
And now you have to go take one yourself :3
Welcome back!
Somehow this 'my family is complete' line is making me nervous.
Me too! Daddy seems OCD so he's probably going out now to round up extended family members! This could get ugly!!!
But really now. What are the odds something could threaten this dynamic so soon! >_>
I don't know. But whenever an author starts talking about "the odds", it is usually a very bad sign.
But this author just rambles about anything! The odds he knows what he's talking about are very slim! =P
You do realise that does not necessarily inspire additional trust, don't you. (^_^)
I seem to have that affect! XD