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Thanks for all the congrats I got on yesterday's update about Fenny being in a video game!
Here's the next page. I HOPE I can get next Wednesday's page ready. Today will put me working 70 hours this week. So yeah, free time has been in short supply!

Anyway, we FINALLY get to see what Sally and her family have been doing since she came back home. Seems there's lots of mixed emotions about their daughter being a hero!
And those darn phones! They always ruin close moments with family!
Welcome back to the story Sally! Nice to see you still cry in nearly every scene :P

No supper tonight.
You're grounded from super hero-ing till you're 21!!!
Yes. That is the kind of promise to break right after saying it :D
Sally would never break a promise! The nerve!!!
HEY! Do not give me that!
She is marked by the important character curse. If anything, it is your fault!
I totally deny those truthful allegations!!!
Something tells me she's going to go back on that promise....
No one has faith in the youth's word anymore! :P
And I think Sally is about to go back on her promise
Et you too Maneth in Blacketh?!
Question is not as much whether she'll go back on that promise or not. More like: Will she even have a choice in the matter? (My current suspicions heavily lean towards no.)
Some say we always have a choice! But we throw pies in those people's faces and laugh at them!
Though, if you CAN lift cars with one hand...that could come in handy.
Wait: was that a pun? :P
Yeah, I'm a terrible parent. If my son ever picks up a car with one arm I'm exploiting the heck out of him!