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Fenny's contracted to be nude or in her underwear in almost every issue! She skipped issue 6 of Prologue so she must have had to make that up! :P

I think the events of Prologue shook Fenny more than she wants to let on. And welcome back Mondo! He appeared in Prologue as a toy Fenny had as a kid. Seems she still has him.
Mondo was a character from a comic I made as a kid that was basically a rip off of Ren & Stimpy.

And speaking of Sally I wonder what she's up to? Maybe this would be a good page to end on a Fenny note and move over to see Sally next page! =D

That's gonna hurt in the morning.
Looks like it hurts in the NOW! And hey! You commented with your account! :)
I'm glad you addressed Fenny's bleeding back right in the first frame. :)

And no, I will not comment on the nudity (or did I just do that?)...
She has fast healing so she'll be fine! It probably looked MUCH worse earlier!
Gotta love a good shower scene.. - Excellent page as always and I agree OW!
It's refreshing to everyone involved! The person showering and the audience!
Hot water makes slashes feel worse... But the steam is modest. XD
It does but it seems to make them feel better AFTER the shower. Unless I'm just weird :P

Maybe she's hoping it can make her fast healing be a bit faster too.
So, the thing I noticed most is...her apartment is kinda a mess. XD
VERY! I tried to make sure that was noticeable in all the frames that show her living spaces better.
Of course it is going to sting Fenny.
Still probably isn't fun even knowing it will going in!
Steam: 101 easy uses for gaseous water in comic design. ;)

And as a long time handballer, I can attest that water on an open wound definitely stings, yes. Even more so if it's mixed with even a tiny bit of soap. And it does not really matter what kind of soap you are using.

And I don't recommend jugging a beer right before sleeping. At least not without drinking some water as well in between the two.
Steam is VERY versatile! :)

I was starting to wonder if anyone would notice what she was drinking! It should give a whole other outlook on all those empty cans you saw on the page beforehand!

Though if she only drank one beer I highly doubt it'd do much to her. With her power she has to drink a LOT to start feeling anything.
It's not about getting drunk or anything. But it's better for the body and thus nets a better night's sleep if you drink some water before dozing off.
And it's not just something I've heard. Absolutely speaking from experience here.
Ah! The more you know! I've never drinken beer so I wouldn't know that! Thanks for the insight!
Damn you steeeeeeam! Get outta the way!!! XD
It takes a long time to get steam to be modest and cover a girl!