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Fenny, Fenny, Fenny... Pick up your apartment right now young lady!

And messy.
Geez, is Fenny bleeding enough from her back? If she didn't have powers, I imagine she wouldn't have made it this far without passing out.
I think the bleeding looks worse than it is. That stuff just spreads and stains a white shirt like crazy!
Nice page! ^_^ I like the little walking panels at the top. Simple and they work well. I dunno, just thought i'd point that out haha.

There is something horror-movie-terrifying about that look on that Rabbit's face.
It watches you come home.
It watches you die.
Oops, wasn't logged in when I posted the previous comment. But it was meeee. So yeah.
Guest:Thanks! I'm glad the top worked! And yep that rabbit was obviously NOT there when she left!!! It's the devil!

EDIT: For some reason it's putting my 2 replies to you out of order so I combined them here!

Lies! Quit taking credit from the poor guests! :P
Could be worse.

Could be a clown doll.
Ew clowns! Go away!!! EWWW
At least she has time to clean it now
Something tells me that won't be her priority at the moment

Is that a screen on the left wall? (0_0)
Fenny has some cash (or bad priorities) it seems!
Oh first glance I thought it was ransacked. XD
When guests come over I assume she uses that excuse!
Earthquake, alien invasion... That kind of stuff, you know.
Hah! That's true! There technically shouldn't be a single thing standing! ^_^
She's lucky she has a standing apartment after that huge base raised up from the ocean and shook NYC!
She still might want to clean up a little. Because that excuse won't hold forever. ;)
I'm sure she can find other things to blame as time progresses! Fenny can get creative like that!