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Of course there's more to our dear friend Alexander than simple inappropriate charms!

And for whatever kind of agent he really is, he's a shameless flirt, too. Good thing Fenny doesn't mind!
I think she seems to be encouraging it!
Gotta' love her face in panel three. XD Alex is a secret agent...question is, is he on Fenny's side or not?
That's a very good question! Questions that should be answered better between this and next issue!

And I was quite happy with getting that playful look on Fenny's face right.
I really like how you drew the panel where Fenny leans on the car door window!
I thought that one came out particularly well myself. You can see a lot of personality and mischievousness in her expression.
Fenny's already getting watched
Probably just another stalker in her mind! :P
For a secret agent with a mysterious (possibly shady, maybe not) agenda, he's acting pretty decent.
The way they usually should be acting, truth be told.

And yes, panel three is awesome. (^_^)
Yeah! You might think he's actually HUMAN! Let's just hope he's not a good faker and is actually a swell fellow!

Note to self, showing this aspect of Fenny's personality was a success!
It's something I never really got to show in Prologue.
Yup. She shouldn't have got in the car.
She still saved herself a long walk back. I'd say it was worth it!
Which suggests she trust him implicitly or doesn't consider him the slightest bit of a threat.
Considering all the aliens and thugs she's had to fight in the last day or so I doubt she figures he could be much of a threat.
Hrm, does that pickup line ever work for him?
More often than you think I'm sure!
I hate to put you on the spot but since you just read this whole story without reading the Prologue 1st can you give me a slight insight into how well this is doing thus far as a stand alone new beginning? Is it making sense or are you totally lost?

Though more important info from Prologue should be explained in this half of issue I'd still like to know what you think so far if you don't mind :)
No problem!
Right now, it seems like several stories that don't seem to fit together just yet. I'm pretty patient with that sort of thing though, and I figure it will tie in together later on. Each story was pretty easy to grab onto and figure out what was what, just not how they were connected.
Thank you so much for the feedback! I think you'll see the stories connect much better once this half of issue 1 finishes. It's a lot to take in for a start of a story. What with issue 0 in the future then jumping back 25 years to some random people in London, then jumping to a story that had already been going on where it's picking up where it left off.

It was an immense challenge to write and be a fresh start. I'm confident it'll pay off though! Thanks again for reading! The rest is up to me to prove now :)