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Ummm guys? Is this really the appropriate kind of jokes to be making right now?

Guess we want to escape into some cathartic humor. Don't judge them!!!

Seems they found common ground!
It's nice to find other people you can be horrible around I suppose!
Really nice work on the layout of this page, and how their heads frame the action going on.
Thank you! I thought it could be boring if the page was ONLY the car driving through the devastation.
It is likely there way to cope
When in a situation like this the best you can use is humor!
Calling it now: They both are rabid pen&paper rpg players.
I know our ilk. That's exactly the kind of jokes we would be making!
Your ilk sounds like it'd be a BLAST!
She's looking at the bright side. XD
There is always a silver blood covered lining somewhere!