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Bonus Update!
I've also decided to increase the sizes of the pages to 900px wide. Seems to be what more and more comics are going to now with the higher res monitors.

A new character joins the story! Alexander Turrell. I guess when you have super strength like Fenny you don't have to worry as much about creeps picking you up and trying things at least.
Fenny is really upset about the whole "Not saving the world herself" thing I think!

I guess with super strength, Fenny doesn't worry about potential consequences in talking to strangers. Artwise, I like the last two Fenny frames the most on this page.
Not so much. She's been through a lot worse recently!
Suspicious looooook! In the last panel I mean. Love Alexander's design by the way!
I think both of them might know more than they are letting on!
Very modest Fenny
I don't think that's modesty! She's mad she wasn't the one that blew up the mother ship and saved everyone. She just watched it happen from the sideline.
Hope that car seat is easy to clean. She's probably leaving blood stains all over the back of it right now.
There was an original cut that had her warn him about the blood and Alex made a comment about it not being the 1st time he's had to clean blood from his seats.

Page limits and pacing made me have to cut it.
Also such an exchange does not really boost trust in him being an okay guy. ;)
Very true! In his pages I wanted him to be a "questionable" guy and that might have pushed him out of "questionable" :P