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If you read issue 6 of Prologue you may remember Fenny had to fight a huge alien monster thing that kept slamming her into the sides of the ship while she was wearing her armor.
Now that the armor is off we can see a bit more of the damage she took during that.

And incoming! I wonder who may be in this car and are they trouble???

Good question. XD
She doesn't seem to have a lot of good options available!
So Fenny's still wounded and just a tad bitter it seems...
It's been one of those days!
Keep in mind that to her she woke up in Atlantis after having Amnesia for 3 days. She got back to Earth but not before getting stabbed and passing out. She woke up in a plane being interrogated by 2 GIA agents. Saved them from an alien. Got beamed back to a Cyro ship to find Sally exhausted.
Saw the chosen Cyro Grands get killed. Fought a huge alien beast. Had to give up on saving Sally. Had to give the okay to surrender to the Preds. Thought Sally died when the Pred mother ship exploded. Then had to make an escape from the Cyro ship before it blew up too while carrying Sally!

This has all happened within a 24 hour period! I'd call that a bad/exhausting day whether you're a super human or not!
Get in...I've got candy....XD
I LOVE candy!

*gets in
**is never seen again
Don't get in that car! Maybe.
You only die once. That's the way the phrase goes isn't it???
Unless you're Sally?
To be fair: technically Sally has only died once! :p

And woot! Someone must have read Prologue 1st! :D

And of course I did.
She makes sense
She likes to think so!
I just noticed how much those blood stains look as if she had wings but they were cut/ripped off.
Dawww. You are calling Fenny a fallen Angel. You're sweet! *Fenny bats her eyes

Also I'm ahead a bit so bonus update tomorrow!