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And here we are at page 2! Ugh 1 page a week is so SLOW. But I'm gaining speed and ground on the buffer. Will hopefully go back to 2 pages soon!

If any of my readers are from Arkansas I'll be attending the Little Rock Comic Con in Benton on May 16th. It'd be really cool to meet someone that's actually read my stuff before I went there!

Back to Fenny in emo mode! Personally I think she should pay more attention when walking around destroyed areas of cities. I mean she could have walked into a big fire or something!!!

Have fun at the con!
I sure will!
This page is so heartfelt. I doubt she'll ever voluntarily talk about these things to Fenny though.

Also, love your layouts as usual!
To Sally ;)
It's all those names ending in "Y" :P

And no. She's not ever going to tell this stuff to Sally. Or pretty much anyone. Fenny has image issues to maintain!
It's not all those 'y' names, it's that I'm featherbrained and I wasthinking about Fenny, so my fingers typed Fenny. :P
Feather brained or Fennybrained???!!! Hah I'm a riot! :D
Need to look while your moping Fenny
And that's why everyone says a mopey Fenny is a dopey Fenny. Everyone says that, right?