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Issue 01Purple - Inside Cover
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Technically only the bottom portion of this page is the inside cover :P

Due to page limitations in print I can only do cameos in this sort of list form when it hits the print comic.

The image above the credits page is an image my good friend Mike Lai drew for a fic Novel he's going to write called Coven. I colored the image.
Anyone able to identify all 6 women?

And as a final announcement: Until I get enough buffer I'm going to reduce updating to once a week on WEDNESDAYS.

I hope I get the buffer up soon! I really prefer 2 updates a week! See you Wednesday for page 1!

Wow! That's a lot of cameos!
Yeah, I squeezed in a ton on Rick's story!
The only one I would happen a gues is Medusa from Soul Eater
You guessed correctly!