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Issue 01Red -  Page 30
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And now the building comes down! I had to look up images of building falling into sinkholes to draw the collapse. So, comics rarely have Earthquakes. How often do they actually have sink holes I wonder?
Surely this was a naturally occurring phenomenon!

More cameos today! This is the last page of them but I do hope you stick around to at least see the final 2 pages of the issue coming next Tuesday and Thursday!

Cameos today include:
Ariel from Karmadelion
Bruno Harm from Bruno Harm
Silent Jim from demon-hunters
Colonel from Awfully Decent Fellows
Clau from M9Girls
Nubia and Israel from Deliree
Violet Verona from Used Books
Lyssa from Groovy, Kinda
Jed from StoneGlobe
Raub from Eipp
Human Allison Fe'oma from Super Chibi Girl

I wish I had that power. Think of all the pages I could get done! XD Thanks for the cameo.
Think of the wear and tear you'd give your drawing apparatuses as well!!! :p
Cameos FTW!!!
Thanks for featuring us!
You're very welcome! This is a typical thing for me to do when I need extras!
"200 cameos died today when a deadly collapse etc etc; in other news, Packers win the superbowl."
JNP secretely slaughtering everyone's characters since 2006!
Heroic sacrifice! I somehow don't think it'll be an easy ride from now on as I doubt he's actually dead. :( And awesome cameos!
It'd be a pretty big swerve if I killed off the super hero Devon right off the bat after so much promotional art I'd already created for him LOL
Hopefully we can find out next page for sure!
Hopefully he made it out
We can say that about a lot of characters!
Woo-hoo! That's Lyssa's first cameo!
Thank you!
Man, that's a lot of work. Beautiful job.
I'm super glad you liked it! Maybe we can get you more cameos in future issues! =D