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Issue 01Red -  Page 29
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Nobody panic! :D
Panic would be the LAST thing everyone would need!
I know those people!
We've had so many adventures with them all haven't we?!
Let's do hope they can get out safely!!!
Good thing they aren't that panicked
It helps that Emella got up there and took control fast before they could really go nuts!!!
Hee hee, I can see him trying to slink off in the back. Crowd shots are monster time consumers but they pay off! Like they did here :)
It takes even longer when you have to look at other characters to draw! But I still prefer cameos to having to make up my own extras!
Bam, I just made your site a mini-app for my phone.
You did what? Is is like a shortcut to the site or more extensive??? Interest peaked!
It'd be cool if it were the latter, but sadly only the former. I'm making shortcuts to all the comics I read so I can actually keep up with them... bookmarks are just too much work XD