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Issue 01-Red - Page 26
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A little behind the scenes DVD commentary on this page.
I had intended to make this a 2 page thing. By having Rick text Fenny all night long and showing time pass by with him in his room over the night. But just this small start of an exchange took up a whole page by itself. So I decided to just do the 1 page and only show the start of the conversation.
I had no real idea how I could make a texting scene from only 1 POV look interesting.
I have no idea if I succeeded or not :P
I hope I did!

He making friends
I think he's hoping he may be more than friends!
Super powers don't always make for happiness.
No, but I bet they could really help! Teens always think everything is bad!
Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I suspect it's a trap