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Issue 00 - Page 03
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They like to make an entrance don't they?
There are 6 cameos on this page
At top we have Yuki from Used Books
The Scientist under her is ranger_brian_new 's current avatar
Beside him, the green gal is The Necromancer from Ennaran
The Girl with the wings is Mayy from Zelfia
The robot is an original character that made for this
And under him, the creepy looking guy is Sir Dimswitch from Riddick Q Loss Tales

This is the last update for this week. Next week I start my Tuesday and Thursday schedule.

nicely done :D pretty cool concept too .. love the teleport effects :D
Hooray! That means it makes sense in this page! :P

Thanks for the compliments as well!
Also to note I actually wanted to make the technology even more subtle. Like not actually even needing glasses and such. But since this is such a short issue and with the nature of this issue I wouldn't be able to properly express to the reader what the heck was happening I had to put some virtual glasses on her.

The more high tech the society is the harder it gets to understand it in simple imagery.
Reminds me of The Avengers...
Yeah, or a group of crazy comic conventioners with teleporters. You know as soon as we get teleporters we'll all be dressing up to do this!
I don't understand why we don't have teleporters right now.
Probably for the same reason I mentioned above xD
Dimmy wants to know when to expect his
appearance fee.
He gets paid on the date this actually occurs as in his contract. I'm sure he read the contract, right?

That he'll get paid on July 18th 2157!
But hey, he shouldn't complain. We let him keep the robotic arms!
The funny thing is, they actually look like they're a team. You can tell that some characters are going to be in the front, melee'ing. You can tell that some characters are going to be supporting from a distance, be it with gadgets or magic. You can also tell that some characters offer a potential mix of both, and that some characters may be there to help in ways other than combating. (E.g., having a medic on hand if/when things go wrong. :P)

Again, all-in-all, they look like they fit together as an actual unit.
So, did the scientist have a name or was he a gneric character you chose for an avatar? Cause I can totally list his name and if he has a comic list it as well. I just went with the info you gave me.

And I completely agree. I was pretty worried when I 1st saw the characters I'd have to fit into this style and team/setting. There were minor tweaks but overall they really do look like they'd be a formidable force!

I particularly like the design your avatar ended up with when I converted it to my style. He looks really interesting. Of course it's pretty easy to take creative liberties with more abstract art like that as well.

It was really fun!
I also just now looked into the comic that has him and noticed that he has a long goatee. In your avatar I thought that was shading on his neck from his head! Drats!!! He could have had a kickin goatee too and I didn't know it!
The site is looking sharp!
Thank you!
I missed having neat websites for my comic :P
I love the artwork and the concept of fathums rocks.
Thanks a lot! I hope that you enjoy it further once more about the Fathums is revealed. You don't find out a lot in this issue at all =p
Allright! Thats what I call an entrance!
... I'll forgive you for the workload because of that ;)
Haha! I was wondering if you'd have a small heart attack when you got here!
Woah, super team!