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Issue 00 - Page 02
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Enforcer Hess? That name should be pretty familiar if you've read issue 4 of Prologue.

And that date... Seems a little different from the dates in Prologue too! 2157? Prologue took place in 2132! What trickery is this??!!! 25 years have passed. If you haven't figured out where we are yet, it's Atlantis. Fenny went there in issue 4 of Prologue. Fathums were also mentioned in Prologue... Seems Enforcers patrol using a form of virtual patrolling. I wonder if they actually use weapons now? XD

Just when you think it's safe to go to lunch...
I don't know where you work but at my job going to lunch can be one of the most scary and dangerous things to do! =p
25 years have passed? Everywhere? Or just in Atlantis?
Everywhere! But don't fret! This issue is called Epilogue and numbered 00 for a reason. Then; all that and the time skip will make sense by the end of this issue! :)
im confused... SO confused.. >_<
About the actions being displayed on the page? Or about what the heck is going on at all? I hope it's the latter! You've been thrown into the middle of a story that seems as if you should have more information right off the bat. And reading Prologue wouldn't even help much. Other than explaining what and where Atlantis is.

It's okay. I wouldn't worry about trying to make a whole lot of sense out of a lot of things happening in this issue. A lot will happen with little explanation. But by the end of it most everything should make some sense and you'll see why I made this issue in this fashion. :)

I hope :P
Yikes, what a face! Someone is irked!
Wow. I'm really digging her character design!
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!