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So, uhhh, Hi. My name is JNP and I seem to fall off the face of the earth every now and then.
The good news is that this issue is almost finished!

So if you remember I actually had a different page here that had cameos. Well, I decided to change the flashback, um again.
So originally this was the flashback. Then I decided to remove the football flashback and change it to a dojo flashback. But further thinking I prefer the football one better. So I've tweaked this flashback to match the new story direction. A whole new page was even made for this flashback.

Note that the cameos I had in the dojo flashback will now be used near the end of the comic instead.

I hope everyone's had a great new year so far.
Baby updates.
Well, my son is a year old now and he's perfectly healthy. Learning how to balance dad time and comic time has been very difficult but I think I'm figuring it out now! Enjoy the page!

To see the old page that was here you can look here.
The site should be getting a redesign too. You can see a preview here.
Feedback on the new site design and/or the page is appreciated!

Glad to see ya back and that your kid is doing great! Welcome back. :)
It's good to be back! I have a lot of archives to catch up on!
Heh, have fun doing that, bro! :D
Welcome Back