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Here's something you don't see every day. A Buddhist Brit. According to wikipedia London is home to 0.8% Buddhists. By 2132 I figure race and lifestyle are a lot more commonly widespread. I do have to say that the more I researched Buddhism the more intrigued I become. It's really something everyone can get something out of.
Guys I really apologize about missing the update for Thursday. I might not get it for Tuesday either. I think my power supply in my computer is shot as it won't get power at all. No fans or lights on the motherboard, no nothing!

I'll post a page as soon as my computer issue is resolved.
Computer issue was resolved but now I have another update delay :p

My wife's water broke so I'm at the hospital expecting my son! Will update as soon as I can.
I'm just updating on the baby situation. Me, my wife, and the baby are fine. He was a bit premature and his lungs are not strong enough yet. So we've been at the hospital NICU. My wife and I will be coming home tonight. Baby will have to stay longer. Unknown time frame.

They say I have the body of a god HURHURHURHUR
Nice page, I can tell this was made way after that last one.

(Hope you don't mind the copy-pasted response from the Duck. I get better formatting here. XD)
I don't mind. Except I answer early here so I have no idea what I'll reply with when I reply on DD >:-(

Actually this page was made a year BEFORE the page before it xD

Except those bottom 2 frames of the previous page. They were made in the same year. Next page will be very recent though!
Love that last panel. Beautiful. :)
Thank you! It took a good while to make!
Very cool page.
Thanks! It's about time to get past these introductions!
A *year* in advance? Hell, I'm lucky if I have a WEEK long buffer for my comics.

Also, great page! (And yes, Buddhism is teh awesomes.)
It's less "a year's worth of buffer" and more: I made the page over a year ago but haven't been making pages that whole time :p
Love the peace and tranquility in the last panel :)
I'm glad it came through right. Though it should change soon!
Dude I'm lovin' this, this is a really good page!

Now just let me catch up on the story :P
I love the reflective surface on the last panel
So shiney... must lick it...
Take all the time you need, your son comes first after all. :3
Congrats on the new baby. :3