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Fun fact. The images at the top were drawn and colored back in 2011

The 2 bottom panels were finished in 2010 and came from a totally different page. I had cut some stuff out of the script and later came back in to add it in.

And big sis wins again!

Also Happy Halloween! I don't do many holiday specific images because if I'm drawing I prefer to be making new story pages!

Yikes, sounds like this page has been all over DL's history!

Also, concerning CF hosting... I'll be getting hosting there soon one way or the other, so I'll see how I like their services first. I like having the control I do with the domain I have now, though, so I guess it depends on how I like it. But saving my greenbacks has been a priority as of late.
What I mean is that you can keep the domain name. My domain name is owned by me. I pay for it. I just edited the nameservers to point to Kyo's server.

You would need to contact him. He's the admin. But your site would pop up in the update list on CF with your domain name. You can even have subdomains. Like what I did for Prologue.

Also I posted this on DD but I can't leave links there.
If you want to stay on word press please install disqus so it's easier to comment. Thanks!
Well looki'choo with your fancy plugins :3 Just installed it, so you should be good to go!
What a way to think about someones birth
At least she didn't also start making graphic gestures with her face and hands representing the act :x