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Issue 01red - Page 01
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The explosion here originates from Prologue. If you don't feel like going back and seeing what took place in Prologue, I believe everything will be decently explained in both sides of issue 1. At least that's my hope.
I reduced the font by 1 point. It's still 1 point larger than it was in Prologue. I do hope it is not too small. Please let me know if it is!

If you see a way to improve dialogue for my British characters please let me know that as well. I'll ninja edit it in! xD

Also, I will be in Little Rock this Saturday for the Little Rock Comic Con. If you happen to be in the area you should drop in!

Impressive. Do you do all your work digitally?
Yep. I draw in manga studio and color in photoshop.
Great work as usual.
Thanks! I hope it continues to entertain!
Very nice first page! Great transition from outer space to Earth.
Thanks! It wasn't easy coming up with a good starting point!
That falling debris has me nervous...