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Issue 01red Inside Cover
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Not really a lot to recap from Issue 0 Epilogue. Just keep in mind that Randy has been put in Xavyn's body and has had to go back in time to stop his sister from killing their father making it so neither of them are ever born.

Talk about sibling rivalry!!!

Page 1 goes live Wednesday. I will update on that day every week till I get enough buffer to make sure I can keep a 2 a week schedule.

I hope you enjoy this half of issue 1! I'm very excited about it!

oh boy.. looks like I got a long read ahead of me lol.

keep up the good work. also that cover page with the claw in the background is wicked.
Starting from Epilogue, not so much.
Staring from Prologue? Yeah, you got a bit to read :P

And I'm glad you like the cover!
Is any part of this by any chance inspired from Back to the Future?
Maybe very slightly. The main inspirations to the time travel portion of the story was Quantum Leap, Charmed, and How I Met Your Mother.
I love time travel stories. So many mishaps waiting to happen. :)
Yep! Me too! I'm hoping this one is a tad more unique too ^_^
This page is legen...(wait for it)...dary!! Sorry, I saw HIMYM mentioned and I couldn't resist.
Totally understandable!!!
Roads? Where he's going, he won't NEED... roads.
But we do need to prevent the car from being stolen by half crippled old men!
Shiny things!
Thompson seems a little bit bonkers there.
Thompson isn't traveling through time, silly! ;p