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Issue 01 - #iamachosen red side
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Well this is the official cover for issue 01! The start of The Devon Legacy for reals! (FINALLY)
You can see old the old version I had made of this cover here

This issue is meant to be 1 half of 2 stories that take place at the same time. Red Side and Purple Side.In print they are each meant to be read in either order 1st. Online I have to update one at a time =p

Once both issues are complete the page before this will have links to each issue 1 so you can choose which issue to read 1st. But that's not possible while updating.

Tomorrow I'll update the comic to have the recap page. For now I will update every wednesday till I build more buffer.

I'm very excited about this issue finally getting started! I hope you enjoy the um, "next 1st issue?" or is it the 3rd 1st issue, counting Prologue XD

Man I have way too many 1st issues! And I'll have another one after this one finishes! The next half of this story.

Have fun comparing the new cover with the old version =D

Good work, bro. :)
Thanks a lot!