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Issue 00 - Page 15
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Wow! You don't typically see random guests/mooks doing that! I didn't have characters specified in my script for these mooks so when I noticed I had 4 "fembots" I thought they would be good for this role.

As for Randy... this is NOT being a good day! I thought the heroes are supposed to have better introductions!!!

Oh and we get another reveal in the dialogue! Seems Randy has a SISTER. So that's who "she" is that green holo-guy was talking about.
I don't guess they have a very close relationship do they?

The next 4 pages are NOT TO BE MISSED! The issue is wrapping up!
Guest cameos include
Dolly and Ceci from Data Chasers

Obviously something bad is waiting for him at his house. And yes, it can get worse, I think.
Yeah, having someone stab you and then tell you that's all they wanted to do "now go see what's waiting" probably means really bad things are waiting!
Ah! It was Ceci who went all Psylocke...I stand corrected.

Methink things don't look good for our newly-introduced hero. o_0
Ah that's what you meant about going all Psylocke. The blade. Makes more sense now!

Yeah he's having a rough time of it. And things are only going to get weirder from here!
Woah now, easy there panel 2. This isn't supposed to be THAT kind of comic!
Why else do you think people go to this alley?!
Wait, this ISN'T that kind of comic?

I can assure you THAT is all the in between chapters will be comprised of! I have to keep interest around here somehow!
AWESOME - *claps* thank you SO much for the cameo! poor randy is just too unlucky !
You're very welcome. They get to linger a bit longer still.

And generally this guy's much luckier than this! But you'll find out more about him later! Cause we only got 4 pages left to wrap this one up!
I can't believe gearfish shut down your topic on the forum about having a CF award. I thought it was a great idea. If there ever is one I'd like to help out.

Nice to see you and your comics here.
Ah, it's okay. I want to think of something that this community would actually like that is as exciting as the awards are. Obviously those of us from DD will like the Awards. Sometimes it seems more difficult to be interactive here but I guess I have to get in tune with this different mentality of people.

It's nice to see you're here too. I always enjoy your comic. I need to give you some comments. We are kind of accustomed to having a decent amount of comments and here it's being a tad tougher :P

Maybe we should organize a team DD or something to help former DDers find our comics? I dunno
Yeah some kind of link page or something. And I don't think people here don't like to give comments or receive them. (Snarl Bear gets just as much comments per page as most DD comics.)
If the closing of topics happens more than it needs to, we just need to complain to the admin.