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Issue 00 - Page 14
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On this page we have Four guest characters playing the role of baddies. Since all 4 were androids (or looked it in 1 case) I figured they'd go good together as a group here.

Guest cameos include
Dolly and Ceci from Data Chasers

Sunhra from Signifikat (whom I found out here doesn't LOOK like a bad guy at all :P)

Hunter mode Neeann by I-Ninja

this is awesome ! Thank you !! Looks really good as always :D
Thank you very much! I hope you like the rest of it. Though you've seen a glimpse of the next page already!
YUP and it looked great!
Oooh! He goes all Psylocke in the last frame (except it seems to be from a device, not his mind)! ;)

Nice Dolly. Looking forward to seeing more of your version of Ceci, presumably on the next page...
Yep! Next page is up too! She gets to play a pretty large part in that page!

And it'll be a while before I get to explain Randy's "techniques" better.
He's not going to let anything stop him!