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Issue 00 - Page 13
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First I want to apologize for not being very active in community topics and comic reading. I've been working every day since Saturday 10-12 hours trying to make up the $1000 I spent on the Yatagarasu crowd funding
The money will put Fenny Baker in the game as a NPC. I'll be off today then I get to go back to work Friday- Wednesday. That should pay back the $1000 and I can go back to being more active again.

Thank you for your patience.

This page was pretty fun! I don't think Randy's paying a whole lot of attention to what Angel is saying.
Must be something BIG going on at home!!!

congratz on the crowdfunding thing. and yeah randy seems a bit scatterbrained .. >_<
Thanks! The having to work so much extra thing isn't fun but at least I have that option! =D

Next Tuesday we see the final cameos for this issue!
YAY cameos!!
When beaming goes wrong! That's so cool about the crowdfunding. I just checked out the site and the game looks pretty sweet.
A fellow fighting game fan? My whole comic series is actually an homage to fighters in my mind. I can't wait to see how she looks in game!
Yikes, a grand in funding... bet they're happy about that!
I'm not happy about all the overtime I'm currently having to put in to pay myself back! Especially since it's now 100 degrees ;_;
Yikes... still working the grind in the ol' warehouse?
Yep. Pays good at least. Get to make up the money in 5 days of OT. Just sucks working 12 hours on my normal 3 days then 10 hours for the rest of my four days off. (they do make you take 1 day off after you've worked 6 days in a row.)