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Issue 00 - Page 08
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They look like-- green booger things?!

And after such a long time with Prologue never mentioning the word Devon we FINALLY get to see the name in the comic!!!

guest cameos include
Brielle from Due East
Samantha Smith from Zach Mann and S.D.™
Diosa from The Mirror of Souls

I've been loving Devon Legacy so far! As someone who followed the Prologue, it's fascinating to see it move on to the next stage.

And as always, your art, and especially your colors, are stellar!

Nice Brielle cameo, too! ;)
I'm glad you're enjoying it! As a prologue reader you may like the ending a lot more!

Your other cameo Allison will be in Thursday's update!
Woo! Looking good! :D
Glad you like!
Things are really getting dicey!!
Just you wait! =D
Here are some familiar faces from the prologue.
Yep! If you note, the other redhead that is fighting the Fathum is Sona's daughter. And Sona married someone named Xavyn.

As a Prologue reader the end to this issue should be pretty interesting for you!
I'm just glad I've finally seen one of those Fathums that I read about multiple times in the Prologue. I'm definitely waiting to get more information about the Fathums and now I'm looking forward to this issue coming to an end so that I can see what interesting surprises you have in store for us.
There are 12 more pages left for this issue!

And yep. A lot of stuff this issue is kinda vague and confusing for a reason. Things will slow down a lot more next issue. This issue has very little breathing room and Prologue readers only know about Jessica and Sona.

The Fathum in this issue is more akin to a teaser since you got such little info =p

Everything in this issue is designed to lead to the most important part. The last page of this issue where most everything will make more sense!
Ooh, cliffhanger-y.
Very much so! Yep!